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MXP Real Estate Investment, LLC is an enterprise that is involved in numerous aspects of the industry. Our capabilities include: acquisitions, property management, asset management, retail leasing, design, sustainability and risk management. We employ professionals in the United States with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ and in Cologne, Germany. All real estate acquisitions and asset management activities as well as fundraising, marketing and investor relations for individual and institutional investors are coordinated out of the U.S. offices. Our office in Cologne, Germany focuses on investor relations, fundraising and marketing for European investors as well as portfolio and risk management of core funds for German investors.

Full Circle, Full Service

MXP Real Estate Investment LLC is a full-service real estate operation. With licensed agents, general contractors, property managers, and other professional experts on our team, MXP truly excels beyond standards when it comes to servicing all stakeholders.

Proven Processes

Individual buyers have the hassle of high costs, limited resources, and narrow knowledge in specific markets around North America and abroad. They are usually a single or dual team, with disadvantages of limited funds to market and research major opportunities. Bigger companies usually limit themselves to local niche markets, with little to no flexibility on diversification nationally or abroad. They have the resources, lower costs, and expanded knowledge, but for limited deals in local markets. Our marketing strategies, the global network, combined with extensive research and development, gives MXP a clear edge in real estate diversification investment globally. MXP has the ability to take on smaller projects valued at $250,000 to larger projects valued at $10,000,000+.

Stakeholders First

Our main stakeholders are successful business owners, CPAs, attorneys, executives, financial experts, medical professionals, high net-worth individuals and retirees who are looking to seek monthly income, growth of capital, and overall portfolio stability. However, outside stakeholders include tenants, local businesses, community members, or anyone who is affected by our assets in each community. We put all stakeholders first before ourselves.


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